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Understanding Cornelius Van Til's Apologetic Method Mp3 on CD ASV-Mp3
ASV-Mp3 -- 51 lectures
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These lectures are encoded as Mp3 files and are readable by any CD player with an Mp3 decoder. They may be transferred to an Mp3 player, or converted to standard CD disc as wave audio files (software required).
The Place of Evidence in Apologetics: Presuppositionalists are often misrepresented as not believing in the use of factual evidence in apologetics. Nothing could be further from the truth. All facts are evidence of Christian theism, but do the "facts speak for themselves?" These lectures explain the proper use of evidence in defending the faith. 
The Bahnsen/Sproul Debate Over Apologetic Method: A friendly debate between two Reformed scholars at Reformed Seminary in Jackson, MS. Explores the differences between evidentialist and presuppositionalist apologetic method. The first two lectures in this set are the debate itself. The last two (216 parts a and b) are a lecture given by Dr. Bahnsen following the debate where he explains the two positions. Dr. Bahnsen wanted this lecture included with the debate.
Transcendental Arguments: This will be the only basic argument you ever need! If you are interested in learning about this proof and how to use it, then this is the set to get. Dr. Bahnsen and Michael Butler (elder at Grace Presbyterian Chapel, OPC) will lead you in a clear and jargon-free analysis of the transcendental argument (no philosophical background assumed).
Van Til Summer Conference: Celebrating the 100th birthday of Dr. Cornelius Van Til, this conference explores Dr. Van Til's contribution to the field of apologetics, providing an explanation of presuppositional theory, response to critics, biography and application. Dr. Bahnsen delivers the first three messages followed by two messages from Rev. Roger Wagner and one from Rev. Randy Booth.
Van Til and the Copernican Revolution in Apologetics: The first two lectures were delivered to the Basileans in March of 1995, offering a contrast and a comparison between Dr. Van Til's approach to apologetics with three other leading theologians. The third lecture is Dr. Bahnsen's last lecture to the Evangelical Theological Society in November of 1995.
Van Til's Presuppositional Apologetic: Dr. Bahnsen summarizes the presuppositional defense of the faith as developed by Dr. Cornelius Van Til. He first sets forth the exegetical and epistemological considerations which require a presuppositional method, and then replies to two of Dr. Van Til's critics (representing opposing theories of knowledge): Gordon Clark and John W. Montgomery. The set concludes with a brief analysis of Schaeffer and Sproul.
Van Til Seminar: Fifteen hours of intensive seminar with students from all over the country studying the publications and career of Dr. Cornelius Van Til, the leading presuppositional thinker of the 20th century.
Short Synopsis of Van Til: Six hours of lecture presented to students at Westminster Seminary at Van Til Hall in Philadelphia (1994) a condensation of the man and his message. The underlying thrust of transcendental presuppositionalism is explained, placing Van Til in the context of other 20th century Reformed scholars. Special attention is given to correcting misconceptions of Van Til's view of theistic proof and historical evidences.
Introduction to the Apologetic Method of Van Til:This short series introduces the apologetic method of Dr. Cornelius Van Til to an audience that was not previously acquainted with his work. Dr. Bahnsen follows this introduction with a biblical exposition of Acts 17 and Paul's defense of the faith at the Areopagus.

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