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CMF Douglas Wilson & Randy Booth
A Justice Primer (2nd ed.) PC562
PC562 -- 233 pages, softcover

Detailed Description

Justice is a Popular Word

But its popular meaning and application have become distorted. If God is the Judge of all the earth, His definition of justice and His standards for applying it must be the basis of every creature's pursuit of it.

In A Justice Primer, Randy Booth and Douglas Wilson bring their considerable pastoral experience to the topic. They unfold biblical principles that can be applied among individuals and in the spheres of family, church, and state. Issues including jurisdiction, charges, evidence, and the particularly thorny topic of sex abuse are covered. And all parties - accused and accuser, judge and jury, witness and rubbernecking internet bystander - are reminded that, although justice on earth will never be perfect, the Judge of all the earth will do right, letting no guilt go unpunished and no offended innocence go unavenged.

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