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Backbone of the Bible TSC9-CD
TSC9 -- 8 CDs

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Backbone of the Bible

The New Testament did not introduce us to a new God or a new doctrine of justification. The New Testament introduced an administration wherein Gentiles can become the people of God without becoming Jewish. Both testaments teach that God saves by grace, that atonement comes by Messiah's blood, and that salvation is received by faith, not by merit.

The covenant of Scripture is God's rescuing His people from that which would harm or destroy them; calling them and their children to live intimately with Him in faith, love, and obedience, fearful of displeasing Him; to live lovingly with one another; distinct from, envied by, and as a witness to the world; in humble expectation of receiving from Him at His appointed time everything that He has promised, signed, and sealed in blood through His appointed Mediator.

It is wrong to think of the Bible as God's answer to the question, "What must I do to be saved?" Rather, it is His comprehensive answer to that life-governing question: "What does the Lord require?" The God who saves us also guides us in every realm and sphere. He has told us how to please Him. That is why He says, "My Word is your life." He tells us to obey His Law because He loves us, not because He hates us. May God hasten the day that we grow up in the Reformation and apply the Reformation to honor God comprehensively. This generation desperately needs to learn to ask the right questions.

Steve M. Schlissel

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