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Butler Lectures on Apologetics Mp3 on CD ASAB-Mp3 on CD
ASAB-Mp3 on CD-- 44 Files on one disc
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Mp3 Format
These lectures are encoded as Mp3 files and are readable by any CD player with an Mp3 decoder. They may be transferred to an Mp3 player, or converted to standard CD disc as wave audio files (software required).
Apologetics Seminary: Bahnsen on Van Til
This series of lectures was given at the Southern California Center for Christian Studies Summer Seminar in 1998, and offers an explanation of Bahnsens understanding of the work of Dr. Cornelius Van Til..

Religious Epistemology
A course taught at Christ College, is a study of modern developments in epistmology and their influence on Christian Apologetics. Topics include neo-Thomism, evidentialism, "Reformed" epistemology (Alvin Plantinga, George Mavrodes), Wittgensteinian fideism, Clarkian rationalism, the influence of Thomas Kuhn and other philosophers of science and deconstruction. The course argues that the only biblically defensible and philosophical coherent epistemology is presuppositionalism.
The Philosophy of Science
This course, taught at Christ College, investigates the nature of science. The course focuses on the definition of science, the scientific method, science and rationality, scientific realism, instrumentalism, the nature of theory and much more. The original tapes are of diminished quality.

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