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This series of Sunday School lessons by Dr. B explains what it means to be a disciple of Christ - to learn of Him and abide in His word. This means that disciples should know how to study their Bibles effectively.
God's people are set apart from the world by a distinctive lifestyle but some of its distinctive elements are ignored or misunderstood by many today who profess Christ. Here are some practical & biblical exhortations concerning them.
This set is the best introduction on the necessity of a Christian education for our children. It lays down the basic theological issues involved in Christian schooling & exposes many of the myths surrounding public education.
Dr. Bahnsen hits a problem in all of our lives as believers, the problem of not living "all out" for Jesus. This lack of consecration expresses itself in ways which we need to be aware of & resist.
Here is a much needed biblical analysis of the true nature & functions of the church of Christ. In these sermons Dr. Bahnsen considers what the NT teaches about the church. Extremely useful in understanding what the church is all about.
Dr. Bahnsen presents 4 thirty minute lessons on the responsibilities of church members to the church. These are excellent lessons to use for personal growth, SS classes, home Bible Study groups or new member's classes.
Many believers do not understand the importance & necessity of church membership, much less what it entails. Dr. B explains covering the importance of doctrinal standards, the government & discipline of the church, worship & sacraments, as well as service
The marriage covenant was created by and is governed by God - He establishes its terms, relationships, blessings & curses. Pastor Wilkins clearly lays out these standards as the blueprint for a marriage that is successful and pleasing to God.
An informal course in how to share your faith. Dr. Bahnsen lays out the motivation, requirements & forms of evangelism, as well as its power (prayer), message & methods. Very helpful for those who want to evangelize but are not sure how to start.
In this series Dr. Bahnsen demonstrates the necessity of evangelism for the life of the Christian & and the church. Step by step instruction is given concerning the motivation, methods and message of proclaiming the gospel.
Prepare yourself and your family for the Christmas season with these messages on the meaning and impact of Christ's birth.
The wages of sin is death, but the resurrection of Christ has given hope to otherwise hopeless sinners. Dr. Bahnsen proclaims the glorious good news of the resurrection in this series of Easter messages.
Receive valuable, Biblically based guidance, from a normative Scriptural perspective, on touchy questions which are rarely addressed. Christ is Lord over all of life, even our decisions about joining or leaving a church.
This series by pastors and elders discusses Christian manhood and what it takes to lead a family in the faith.
In this collection of Dr. Bahnsen's New Years messages, learn how to evaluate the past and prepare for the future.
This collection of sermons by Dr. Bahnsen were delivered at various ordination services. The setting apart of men for the offices of the church is an important event in the life of the church of the men being ordained.
The last Sunday of October is celebrated as "Reformation Sunday," marking the anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. This set is a collection of sermons delivered by Dr. Bahnsen in commemoration of this important event.
Many people will tell you of their gratitude for this particular series of sermons delivered after Dr. Bahnsen suffered a personal tragedy in his own life. Much pain & distress is endured silently in this world.
Dr. Bahnsen tackles this question, which many Christians wrestle with. He answers in the affirmative and lays out the biblical guidelines for such practice.
Dr. Bahnsen shows why Thanksgiving is an important holiday for Christians and expounds on the biblical necessity of thankful hearts.
The marvelous wonder of God's love is expounded by Dr. Bahnsen here. These sermons explore one of the most important images for God used throughout the Bible, the figure of a Shepherd who cares for us as His sheep.

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