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CMF Cornelius Van Til
Common Grace and the Gospel Second Edition PA918 2nd Edition
273 pages, softcover
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Detailed Description

What point of contact does the Christian have with the world in order to bring the biblical message to the nonbeliever? How can the doctrines of election and total depravity be reconciled with the universal offer of the gospel and human responsibility? Does our Lord show favor to saint and sinner alike?

Cornelius Van Til addresses these and related questions in this collection of essays on common grace and its relevance to the gospel. He sets forth a Christian philosophy of history; examines the views of Abraham Kuyper, Herman Hoeksema, and others in the debate over common grace; and replies to criticism.

Writes Van Til, "God's good gifts to men, rain and sunshin in season, are genuinely expressive of God's favor unto them. At the same time they are a general testimony by which the Spirit of God labors with men to call them to repentance, and therefore to the fulfillment of the task originally assigned to mankind in Adam."

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