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Covenant Media Foundation has been busy converting many of our audio files to Mp3 format with a lower sample rate for digital download from the Internet. We are constantly adding more lectures, lessons and sermons to our catalog. This is a convenient and less expensive way to obtain these excellent resources. In addition to less cost per message, there is no postage and there is immediate delivery, via an email link.

Give it a Try
Click the links below to download twoFREEsample Mp3 files:
(It might take a minute or more for the download to begin.)


Purchasing Mp3s
Select your MPs files just like any other product in the CMF Online Catalog, adding it to your shopping cart. When you check out,if you have only MP3s in your cart, select the FREE SHIPPING option. If you have a combination of MP3 and other product, you will not be charged shipping on the MP3 items.

After you have checked out, you will be sent one email thanking you for your order, then another email with a link to the specific files you purchased. You will be allowed to make 2 downloads of each file. Finally, you will receive the last email which states you order is complete and has been shipped. However, NOTHING HAS BEEN SHIPPED! Our email simply does not differentiate between physical products and e-products so it is just letting you know your order has been completely processed.

You will be instructed to click on the DOWNLOAD link. Most Macs and PCs will automatically save the file to your hard drive.NOTE:some browsers are configured to associate the downloads file type (MP3) and will attempt to play the file with that program (e.g., Windows Media Player, etc.).


If this occurs, then do the following:
  • If you have a PC, then RIGHT CLICK on the DOWNLOAD button and save it to your hard drive.
  • If you have a Mac, then hold down the CONTROL KEY and then CLICK on the DOWNLOAD button and save it to your hard drive.

    Mp3 Information
    Mp3 is a format for creating a digital recording, similar to a CD.

    The ideal situation is to simply create a CD type file, which is called a Wave (.wav) file. This Wave files is the type of file that standard music CDs use on standard CD players. The problem with this is simply the practical one of space. Wave files occupy huge amounts of space, and if you were to try to store a number of Wave files on your hard disk, it would be filled up before long. Also, it would take forever to upload it to the Internet, or to download it from the Internet onto your computer.

    MP3 (.mp3) is a sort of compromise. It is a compression of a Wave file, eliminating aspects of the sound that apparently can't be heard anyhow. And it only occupies about one tenth (or less) of the space of a Wave file.

    CMF Internet MP3 files are recorded at 24 kbps, mono (kbps stands for kilobits per second -- thousands of bits per second -- and is a measure of bandwidth -- the amount of data that can flow in a given time on a data transmission medium).

    Mp3 files can be listened to on special Mp3 players or on most personal computers. In addition Mp3s can be saved to CDs and played back on personal computers, many newer DVD players and CD players that have special Mp3 decoders. In addition, Mp3 files can be converted to Wave files and saved to CDs and then played on any standard CD player. In this case, each Mp3 file converted to a Wave file will take up much more memory. Thus, a CD may hold 10 to 15 60-minute lectures in Mp3 format, but it will hold only one of these lectures when converted to the Wave format. Most CDs hold 70 to 80 minutes of Wave file information (i.e., real time).

    While digitizing an analog recording to Mp3 might offer some limited opportunity for quality enhancement (e.g., more volume), don’t expect miracles -- maybe someday.



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