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This is the best introduction to the study of last things. Dr. Bahnsen gives an overview of the book of Revelation & the various millennial positions & concludes with a positive presentation of the biblical view of last things.
In the face of many doomsday prophets in our time, Dr. Bahnsen declares that God is still sovereign & will keep His promises, & we may expect the success & prosperity of the gospel in the future.
Dr. B analyzes the major millennial positions held by Christians today. He presents a critique of dispensationalism, premillennialism & amillennialism & then explores the themes of covenant & kingdom in the Bible as warrant for optimism prior toHis return
Dr. Bahnsen presents a short demonstration of the optimistic themes in both the Old & New Testaments concerning the promised success & triumph of the gospel on the earth.
There is much biblical warrant for the postmil confidence in gospel prosperity before the return of Christ. But what about those passages which appear to teach a more pessimistic outlook for the course of history up the the 2nd advent? Dr. Bahnsen
Dr. B argues that the Great Tribulation has already happened in history. Moreover, the Bible teaches that great victories for the gospel lie ahead, showing how Scripture teaches moral authority of the OT law & continues in the NT.
Hear Dr. Bahnsen's simple, powerful & biblical explanation to a seminary student's sincere question: "Why are you a postmillennialist?"
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