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Presenting some of the work of Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen on Apologetics

There are courses on the presuppositional apologetic method such as his

"e;Introduction to Apologetics"e; (ASI-CD- $80.00),

"e;Mid-Level Course in Apologetics"e; (ASM-Mp3 - $29.95),

"e;Seminary Apologetics"e; (ASSC-CD - $98.00 or on DVD - $149.95)

Dr. Bahnsen followed Dr. Cornelius Van Til in his use of presuppositional apologetics.

Dr. Bahnsen debated Dr. R.C. Sproul over apologetic method. For a recording of this debate please see "e;The Bahnsen/Sproul Debate over Apologetic Method (ASM5 - #13.00)

For an explanation of a proper use of evidence in defending the faith you might want to try "e;The Place of Evidence in Apologetics"e; (ASE4-CD - $13.00)

In the set "e;Peter's Apologetic"e; (ASPE2-CD $16.00), Dr. Bahnsen's sermons from 1st Peter call for all believers to defend the faith, so believers can give a reasoned answer to any man who challenges the faith.

There were multiple conferences where Dr. Bahnsen presented apologetics to young people, helping to prepare them for the world they would enter following their time in school. Those sets are:

"e;Getting Down and Dirty: Defeating Six Challenges to the Gospel"e; (ASD-CD $25.00, also on DVD),

"e;College Preparation in Apologetics"e; (ASC-CD $25.00, also on DVD),

"e;Faith, Facts and False Worldviews"e; (ASC2-CD $34.00), and "e;Practical Apologetics"e; (ASC3-CD $34.00). --

Finally, Dr. Bahnsen argued for the existence of God, setting forth the reasons for accepting belief in God in the set "e;Arguments for the Existence of God (ASA3-CD $10.00).

He defended the existence of God in numerous debates. His most famous debate was with Dr. Gordon Stein in 1985. That debate is available alone on CD (ASST-CD $12.00) or in the multi-media edition which includes a DVD entitled "e;Apologetics for Young People"e; and additional materials, pictures, articles and more Mp3 lectures.

He also debated Dr. Edward Tabash on the existence of God at the University of California (Davis). This debate is available on audio (AST2-CD $12.00 or DVD119 $14.00)

Dr. Bahnsen was to have debated Dr. Michael Martin, however two weeks before the debate, Dr. Martin declined to debate, citing his opposition to having the debate recorded for public distribution. Dr. Bahnsen traveled to Memphis anyway and presented a lecture on atheism, exposing the weakness of Dr. Martin's published attack on Christian theism.

Dr. Bahnsen's apologetics syllabus was published as the first six chapters of the book "e;Always Ready"e; (PA600 $13.95)

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