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CMF Randy Booth
A Clean Heart: The Pursuit of Sexual Purity CSH5-CD
CSH5 -- 4 CDs

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There are few issues (if any) that are impacting the church today more than those surrounding the subject of sexuality. The centrality and power of sexuality encompasses a broad range of topics that touch the lives of every individual, every relationship, every family, every church, and every community. Our sexuality can be a great force for good and an equally destructive force. Individuals, marriages, families, and careers die every day due to these matters; many more are harmed beyond belief.


While Hollywood glamorizes certain aspects of sexuality, it denies many others. Together it offers a picture which is a lie and an illusion. The devil is the father of lies. Children of all ages are being sucked in every dayboys and girlsyour children; church children; children from godly homes; children in Christian schools; children in home schools; good children; the best children; the children you least expect. The problem is way bigger than most people imagine; that is, until it’s too late. Then there are only deep sorrow and regrets. This series of lessons addresses many of the vital issues that churches and family must come to grips with if we are be spared those sorrows and regrets.

8 Lessons
Creation of Sexuality
Perversion of Sexualtiy
The Purity Problem
Redemption of Sexuality: Internal
Redemption of Sexuality: External
Addendum on Sexual Purity
Before Our Eyes

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