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The Book of Revelation Mp3 on CD BSR1 Mp3 CD
BSR1-Mp3 on Cd 63 lectures plus bonus material
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Detailed Description

Mp3 Format
These lectures are encoded as Mp3 files and are readable by any CD player with an Mp3 decoder. They may be transferred to an Mp3 player, or converted to standard CD disc as wave audio files (software required).

The Book of Revelation
A full and detailed exposition of the book of Revelation from the preterist and postmillennial perspective delivered by Dr. Bahnsen (1977-78), one which has influenced other writers today and was personally praised by Dr. Cornelius Van Til. Recording quality is diminished on some tapes but the content is excellent.

Bonus Materials

These CD’s include the introductory lectures by Dr. Bahnsen titled: “Brief Survey of the Message of Revelation, wherein he presents a synopsis of the book of Revelation, paying attention to the book’s internal structure and key message. These lectures are extremely valuable for catching on to the basic thrust of this crucial book and are also a useful introduction to Dr. Bahnsen’s more extensive lecture series on Revelation. Also, there are printable outlines included on the discs.

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