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The New Hermeneutic PA911
230 page, softcover
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When Karl Barth first published his Commentary on Romans theologians of every color took up their position inJrelation to it. Here was an obviously learned and brilliant theologian who thought he could be "modern" and, at the same time, true to Reformation theology. Barth himself was surprised at this. He was, he says, like a boy who, climbing into the church steeple, fell down and happened to catch the rope of the church bells, causing them to ring out at an unusual time, and arousing the populace to wondering what was transpiring.

The New Hermeneutic of such men as Ernst F uchs and Gerhard Ebeling has done something similar in recent decades to what Barth 'did in the early twenties. These men seek to be both more modern and more Reformational than Barth was in his day. Theologians of various schools are taking their positions in relation to this New Hermeneutic as their forbearers did in relation to Barth.

The present volume is doing the same. In earlier publications the present writer pointed out that the synthesis between a theology based on that of the Ref'ormcrs and a theology based on the philosophy of Kant is an intellectual and spiritual monstrosity. In it Kant, not Calvin is the real victor. The result is the destruction of an intelligible basis for human predication. What is needed is a really Reformational philosophy and theology. Only if we have this can the depth of the contrast between the self-attesting Christ of the Scripture and the Christ-Event of neo-orthodoxy be seen for what it is. --Cornelius Van Til

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