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Dr. Bahnsen offers a great summary of the Reformed faith - very useful for those who want a quick overview.
These lectures by Dr. Bahnsen teach the principles & technical details of interpreting the text of Scripture. He tackles & attempts to resolve faithfully & clearly some of the biggest contemporary issues in hermeneutics.
3 Messages recorded on separate occasions bring needed light & persuasive insights to the subject of baptism - its meaning, mode, purpose & proper subjects. God has used these sermons to show believers why the Bible calls for the bapt of covenant children
What are the sanctions which God placed on His covenant with Israel?Were they only for OT Israel or do they apply today?Learn the answers to these and other more important questions.
Nothing comparable to this course can be found, if you're interested in advanced theology, here is the place to start. Dr. Bahnsen offers a masterful & detailed study of Calvin's Institutes.
Dr. Bahnsen explores the personal & theological implications of Christ's resurrection.
How is covenant theology different from dispensational? Dr. Bahnsen explores the distinctives of the perspective, featuring clear theological concepts & faithful biblical detail. Today's church has strayed on issues like full biblical authority and more.
Some Biblical teaching is hard to understand & sometimes difficult to accept, however we are not at liberty to ignore or rationalize them. Dr. B explains these "hot spots", showing how they can be endorsed with devotion & gratitude by believers.
Dr. Bahnsen uses Isaiah 55:8-9 to explore God's unsurpassed glory & its bearing on theology. This set is one of our favorites.
This is the best general introduction to the subject of theology, laying the foundation for understanding the Bible and the Christian faith.
How does the Christian look upon & relate to the world? There is much confusion in the church due to a failure to draw careful distinctions as to what is meant. Dr. Bahnsen can help clear that up.
Truth fell on bad times at the end of the 20th century, both inside & outside the church. Dr. Bahnsen addresses 3 vital areas pertaining to the fundamentals of biblical outlook.
The issue of authority is at the heart of every worldview. Dr. Bahnsen sets forth the necessity of an inerrant & sufficient Bible for true Christianity & challenges the trustworthiness of all other claims to authority.
This is an organized survey & development of what God's word teaches us about revelation, God, man, Christ, salvation & ethics. Used as a doctrinal training course for elders, these lectures are suitable for every believer who wants Biblical truth.
Christianity comes to the world with a bold message & an equally bold mission to accomplish. Dr. B explains our strategic work & prospects, proving God's existence, proclaiming His mercy, establishing biblical authority & promoting optimistic Christianity
What does it mean to be theologically reformed? Dr. Bahnsen offers a concise, full & clear summary as he explains how the reformed outlook differs from others.
Dr. Bahnsen presents the biblical & theological necessity for maintaining that Christ died on the cross for His elect people. Only by limiting the atonement in this fashion can its substitutionary, personal & gracious nature be defended.
In one of Dr. Bahnsen's last public lecture series he offered this powerful & compassionate case against the continuation of the revelatory gifts today. You will find this set challenging& useful for your own study on the subject.
This is an exegetically based analysis of the 20th century charismatic movement, with special attention to the question of tongues. Respectful, Dr. Bahnsen is uncompromising about the uniqueness of tongues during the foundation of the early church.
A central NT theme is the coming of Christ's kingdom. Evangelicals are divided about what kind of kingdom this is, as well as what kind of future can be expected.Is Christ's reign internal?Are we in the kingdom now?How does Christ's dominion affect church
Dr. Bahnsen discusses the importance & proper use of the sacraments of baptism & the Lord's Supper, explaining their nature, form & substance.
Dr. Bahnsen offers a biblical study of the crucial doctrine of hell. Hard-hitting & faithful to the scriptural teaching, yet gracious & hopeful as the good news of the gospel is delivered along with the sober news about hell.
In this incomplete set (due to his death), Dr. Bahnsen provides a chapter by chapter exposition of the Westminster Confession of Faith.
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