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Men Raising Men Conference-Developing a Family Culture NEW CD SET CSMM2-CD
CSMM2 -- 5 CDs

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This is a conference for all men; men with sons, men with daughters, single men, young men, and old men. As members of the body of Christ men are called to lead, encourage, instruct, discipline, prepare, protect and sacrifice. We need to think harder and bigger about our calling as men so that we might be better equipped to serve our families, churches and world. 

"Time, Tide and the Tempest"

Elder Tony Douglas, from All Saints Presbyterian Church, Ft. Worth, TX, opened the Men Raising Men Conference this year with a challenging talk about the need for men to redeem the time in the midst of the tempest of life and thereby turn the tide toward advancing the kingdom of God through their families.


Conquering the Culture: Life in the Trenches

Pastor Randy Booth, Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, Nacogdoches, TX set forth the grand postmillennial vision that God first showed to Abraham and later to us (i.e., that Gods people and their descendants would be a blessing to the world). He then tells us Gods answer to the inevitable question: How are we supposed to do that? God sent Abraham (and us) back to his family to be faithful in the little things, so that God Himself would bring about the blessing of conquering the culture.


A Storied Culture

Pastor Jeff Niell, All Saints Presbyterian Church, Ft. Worth, TX, demonstrates the power and importance of stories, biblical stories as well as others, for the shaping of the family culture. Moreover, he points the way as to how we are to view our own lives as a part of Gods story and place we have in it.


Men at Work

Elder David Alders, from Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church of Nacogdoches, TX, lays out a vision for why our sons must learn the value of hard work along with the personal and cultural benefits that flow from faithfully performing our God-given calling to labor.



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