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Shakespeare the Christian PDF PS105-PDF
PS105-pdf Shakespeare the Christian, 352 pages, digital book

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Shakespeare the Christian: 
The Bible in Shakespeare’s Plays

By Ralph Allan Smith

Downloadable Digital PDF―352 pages
PS105 ― $14.99

From the Preface

“No figure in English or even world literature compares to Shakespeare. Next to the Bible, his plays are the most important literary work in the English language. I offer these lectures with prayer that God will bless them and use them to encourage students in their spiritual and intellectual growth.

The first four lectures offer a general introduction to Shakespeare as a Christian author; the next six discuss four plays, The Merchant of Venice, Macbeth, Henry V, and Romeo and Juliet. Perhaps putting the lectures into a book form will make them easier to use for students who are only interested in part of the material.”


The study guide should make it possible for parents to use this in a home-school setting with their children, or for a Sunday school, or college study group to use these lectures for a short course on Christian literature. Moreover, this edition provides lectures outlines, tests, essay questions, answer keys, suggested videos and a selected bibliography.


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