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This is an easy,clear,Scriptural guide for the presuppositional method of defending the faith for the general audience & includes a survey of different kinds of worldviews, from secular to religious,& how to refute each.1st 4 files have diminished quality
Get a quick overview by Dr. Bahnsen of the subject of philosophy. This is a great way to start your studies in philosophy.
Part of THE BASIC TRAINING SERIES, this is the best CD set for an introduction to apologetics-assumes no prior knowledge-taking believers to a deeper level of understanding in how to defend the faith.
In this 1992 radio dialog with a former Presbyterian turned Roman Catholic, Prof. Jerry Matatics & Catholic Priest, Fr. Michael Manning, Dr. B maintained that Romanism has an unsound view of religious authority and other notions.
Apologetics is not just for scholars & pastors. God has put His people in many places to meet the various challenges of unbelievers. This set demonstrates how every Christian can defend the faith in their place of work.
Dr. Bahnsen sets forth the reasons for accepting belief in God with an emphasis on the transcendental argument for God's existence.
These lectures by Dr. Bahnsen deal with the fundamental conflict between unbelieving worldviews & the Christian worldview.
Dr. Bahnsen shows that believers need to take the offensive against those who object to the truth of Christianity. He explains that this involves understanding their underlying worldviews & showing their intellectual futility, etc. See the CD set for full
For students heading off to college, this is an excellent brief synopsis of apologetics. Emphasis is placed on how to respond to antagonism, pretensions & worldviews of unbelieving professors & students. Common criticisms are answered & methods explained.
Taught at Christ College, the course explains arumentation, the Christian's understanding of reasoning, the importance of linguistic analysis, informal fallacies, & deductive reasoning. See CD set for books used with this course.
Dr. Bahnsen provides clear instructions on how to think about the world in a Christian way. As we develop a Christian worldview we are better equipped to love God with all our mind.
This formal debate between Dr. Bahnsen & atheist lawyer Edward Tabash at UC Davis, is a great follow-up to the Stein debate. Witness again how an atheist fails to wrestle with fundamental philosophical issues.
Worldview apologetics is systematically explained here, the use of presuppositional analysis for defending the faith. Dr. Bahnsen clarified the Christian view of faith and how it relates to the facts, repudiating neutrality and showing defects.
Go beyond the theoretical debates over method & see the details of the most common challenges in our day to Christianity's truth-claims.Here is a powerful, detailed material to help you reply to the particular criticisms of the faith that you encounter.
This series introduces the apologetic method of Dr. Cornelius Van Til to an audience that was not previously acquainted with his work. Dr. B follows this intro with a biblical exposition of Acts 17 & Paul's defense of the faith at the Areopagus.
Two lectures exposing the scientific & philosophical weakness of the theory of macro-evolution - contrary to popular prejudice.
This series of lectures was given shortly after the World Trade Center bombing on 9/11.
Orange Coast College hosted a dialog between 3 main religions that arose from the Middle East. Dr. Bahnsen challenges the material adequacy of both Judaism & Islam & demonstrates that only God's grace meets man's most basic spiritual needs.
The way we think-our patterns of reasoning-can fail to show love for God just as readily as the way we live outwardly. This series explains how we can better keep the first and great commandment-with our minds!
In this 1994 Summer Seminar Dr. Bahnsen walks students through a presuppositional analysis of Dr. Michael Martin's methods, prejudices & ineffective attacks.
This course considers the exegetical & philosophical basis of presuppositional methodology & gives attention to its practical outworking & compares the weakness of other apologetical systems. More in-depth than the introductory course.
These 4 sermons from 1 Peter call for all believers to defend the faith. Peter was only a fisherman, yet he could give a reasoned answer to any man who offered a challenge to the faith. So can you. These messages show you why & how you must do it.
Delivered at a "Live Preparation Copnference", Dr. Bahnsen offered direct answers for specific apologetic problems, beginning with a very helpful checklist of defects to look for in the objections used by unbelievers.
Learn why Christians should argue or provide reasons for the Christian faith and what the proper or biblical method of reasoning is.
An introductory, seminary-level course in apologetics delivered in Brooklyn, NY. This is a great place to start for those wanting a more in-depth study of the field of apologetics. Somewhat more advanced than the Introduction course.
6 hours of lecture, a condensation of the life of Van Til. The underlying thrust of transcendental presuppositionalism is explained, placing Van Til in the context of other 20th century Reformed scholars, includes misconceptions of CVT's views.
Dr. Bahnsen demonstrates how all believers, including you, are able to defend the faith outside the classroom in response to any person who challenges the truth of Scripture.
It is important to stay focused on what is important while defending the faith. Learn what the goals of apologetics are and how to accomplish these essential objectives.
Based on Dr. Bahnsen's doctoral dissertation, these lectures explore the important subject of self-deception & the nature of unbelief. How can the unbeliever both know & not know god? This is an important contribution to the field of apologetic study.
A friendly debate between 2 Reformed scholars at RTS in Jackson, MS. Explore the differences between evidentialist & presupplsitionalist apologetic method. Includes a separate lecture by Dr. B. on the same topic.
Dr. Bahnsen & atheist scholar Dr. Michael Martin were scheduled to debate the truth of Christian theism at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. 2 weeks before the debate, citing his objection to recording the debate,Dr. Martin declined to debate.
Is it really possible to prove the existence of God? Hear Dr. Bahnsen's last public conference where he trains believers how to defend their faith. This is an excellent place to start your training as an apologist.
This is the famous formal debate between Dr. Bahnsen & atheist promoter Dr. Gordon Stein held at UC Irvine in 1985. Hear how hard it is to deny God's existence & how intellectually rigorous the Christian position actually is.
Presuppositionalists are often misrepresented as not believing in the use of factual evidence in apologetics. Nothing could be further from the truth. All facts are evidence of Christian theism, but do the "facts speak for themselves?"
People often think logic & emotion stand in opposition to one another. Dr. Bahnsen demonstrates how these 2 gifts from God work together to enable Christians to love God with all their heart, soul, mind & strength.
Two lectures exposing the scientific & philosophical weakness of the theory of macro-evolution, contrary to popular prejudice.
Can the existence of God be rationally proven? Dr. Bahnsen says that Christians cannot be either rationalists or fideists. The notion that presupp. rejects theistic proof & amounts to fideism is here buried as an unjustified misrepresentation by opponents
This will be the only basic argument you ever need! Learn this proof & how to use it. In this set you will be lead in a clear & jargon-free analysis of the transcendental argument (no philosophical background assumed).
The first two lectures were delivered to the Basileans in March 1995,offering a contrast and a comparison between Dr. Van Til's approach to apologetics with three other leading theologians. The 3rd lecture is Dr. B's last lecture to Evang Theol Society
15 hours of intensive seminar with students from all over the country studying the publications & career of Dr. Cornelius Van Til, the leading presuppositional thinker of the 20th century.
Celebrating the 100th birthday of Dr. Cornelius Van Til, this conference explores Dr. Van Til's contribution to the field of apologetics, providing an explanation of presuppositional theory, response to critics, biography and application.
Dr. Bahnsen summarizes the presuppositional defense of the faith as developed by Dr. Van Til. He first sets forth the exegetical and epistemological considerations which require a presuppositional method & then replies to two of Dr. Van Til's critics.
Many in the academic profession hide behind the myth of neutrality. Dr. Bahnsen exposes this myth & demonstrates the impossibility of neutrality in our thinking.
Yes, you not only can, you must defend the faith. Apologetics is for every believer and every believer can learn how to do the job well.
All men have a worldview. The Christian worldview stands in opposition to all other worldviews.Learn how to analyze and critique the various unbelieving worldviews & demonstrate the necessity of the Christian worldview.

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