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These lectures are valuable for catching on to the basic thrust of this crucial book & are a useful introduction to Dr. Bahnsen's more extensive lecture series on Revelation.
First Peter A Verse by Verse Exposition of the first general letter of Peter
Dr. Bahnsen offers a verse-by-verse exposition of Galatians. Significant in both theological & moral content, this book is the NT first inspired piece of literature, this will increase your appreciation of this Pauline epistle & love grace even more.
From a weekly Bible study, Dr. Bahnsen shows the superiority of the New Covenant, the way in which it supersedes the Old Covenant & how NT believers must live a life of persevering faith.
Taken from the larger set on Proverbs, these sermons all address the perpetual problem of the righteous & unrighteous use of our mouth. by Dr. Bahnsen
Dr. Bahnsen emphasizes the authority & significance of each and every word of Scripture - by expounding on just one particular word in the text under consideration.
An exposition of Romans Ch 3 that underscores the grace of the gospel while contending against Robert Schuller's view of sin, the Roman Catholic view of justification & dispensational views of the law.
Christians who overlook the intensely personal instruction & practical insights for daily affairs in this book will be poorer for doing so. Dr. Ba took 4 years to expound every verse - organized in topical lessons.
A full & detailed exposition of the book from the preterist & postmillennial perspective, delivered by Dr. Bahnsen, one which has influenced other writers today and was personally praised by Dr. Cornelius Van Til. Some of the recording quality is poor.
A full & detailed study of the book from the preterist & postmil perspective by Dr. Bahnsen (1977-78), one which has influenced other writers and was praised by Dr. Cornelius Van Til. Some of the recording is of diminished quality by has excellent content
The amazing story of the Jewish Messiah is told by a Gentile physician in the gospel of Luke. Dr. Bahnsen systematically expounds the text, making valuable theological, historical & ethical applications.
This book is often neglected, but like you, Zephaniah was concerned about "the day of the Lord," realizing God's wrath would fall on the nations as well as the sin & stupidity of God's people.
This study was done in preparation to his study on Proverbs, Dr. Bahnsen introduces this wisdom literature & explains the biblical notion of wisdom. He summarizes Proverbs, Ecclesiastes & Song of Songs.

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