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CMF Cornelius Van Til
Christian Apologetics Second Edition PA904
PA904 -- 206 pages, softcover
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Detailed Description

Christian Apologetics This book presents concisely the makings of a thoroughly biblical defense of the faith. Van Til shows how Christian apologetics is rooted in a unified system of scriptural truth, a world view encompassing all of theology and the sciences. Noting the conflict between Christian and non-Christian systems, Van Til sets forth a method of defending the faith in terms of a biblically defined point of contact with the unbeliever.

"The conception of man as entertained by modem thought in general cannot be assumed to be the same as that set forth in Scripture. It is therefore imperative that the Christian apologist be alert to the fact that the average person to whom he must present the Christian religion for acceptance is a quite different sort of being than he himself thinks he is. A good doctor will not prescribe medicines according to the diagnosis that his patient has made of himself. . . . Christianity then must present itself as the light that makes the facts of human experience, and above all the nature of man himself, to appear for what they really are."

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