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CMF Randy Booth
Forgiveness CSF6
CSF6 - 8 CDs

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There is nothing we need any more than forgiveness. Sin has separated us from God, who is life itself. The wages of sin is death. Without forgiveness, all is lost; we’re lost. Moreover, since we’re called on to grant forgiveness to one another, in the likeness of Christ’s forgiveness of us, then we must comprehend the measure, manner and manifestation of that forgiveness that we’re to emulate. What sacrifice is required of us to give forgiveness? How do we forgive? What does forgiveness look like?

It’s so easy for us as Christians to forget what it meant for us to come to Christ and be forgiven. A vigorous sense of our own forgiveness is essential if we’re to live with one another. This is why we take the Lord’s Supper each week; a reminder of what Christ has done for us. Without this, we tend to lack the proper forgiving attitude toward others. Being a forgiven people makes Christians unique, and we should be thankful for it. Having been forgiven brings with it the responsibility to be forgiving toward others. 

In this series of sermons, Pastor Booth examines this essential biblical topic from a variety of angles and offers practical pastoral counsel and application. As an addendum, he concludes with a helpful examination of the subject of “bitterness.” 

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