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CMF Greg L. Bahnsen
Homosexuality: A Biblical View BACK IN PRINT PE038
152 pages, paperback

Detailed Description

Homosexuality: A Biblical View

Dr. Bahnsen presents a rigorously argued and biblically based analysis of the matter of homosexuality. He calmly but forcefully sets forth the biblical and ethical case against homosexual conduct. This is an excellent application of theonomic ethics (for those who want to see how it works) to a current social issue.


1. Basic Commitments
    The Foundational Question of Scripture
    The Law as an Expression of God's Will
2. Homosexuality as a Sin
    The Creation Account
    The Story of Sodom
    God's Law
    Romans 1
3. The Act/Orientation Distinction and Cause of Homosexuality
4. The Response of the Church: Hope for Homosexuals
5. The Response of Society: Homosexual Acts as Criminal
6. Conclusion

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