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CMF Cornelius Van Til
In Defense of the Faith, Vol. IV: Psychology of Religion PA914
166 page, softcover
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The reason for reproducing this syllabus on Psychology of Religion at the present time needs a word of explanation. It is in a sense out of date. But it never was up to date. It never did, even in its earliest edition, try to discuss the many modern writers on the psychology of religion.

What it did try to do was to deal with the basic presuppositions of these various writers and to evaluate them from the orthodox biblical and, more specifically, from the traditional Reformed point of view. It is in the hope that the syllabus may still be useful to those who seek to perform this task today that it is made available again.

The studies presented in this series are written with a view to the defense of the doctrine of the free grace of God through Christ as he testifies of himself in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. They are written from the point of view of one who believes the Reformed Faith to be the most truly biblical expression of the Christian Faith. They are written from the point of view of one who believes that a world that lies in darkness needs, therefore, to hear about the Reformed Faith.

Moreover, if the world needs to hear the Reformed Faith, the statement of this Faith must be true to the historic Reformed creeds. The Reformed Faith, to be heard, must, therefore, be set over against neo-orthodoxy.

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