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CMF Cornelius Van Til
In Defense of the Faith, Vol. V: An Introduction to Systematic Theology PA908
262 page, softcover
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2nd Edition. The present syllabus has an apologetic intent running through it. A Reformed theology needs to be supplemented by a Reformed method of apologetics. This involves relating the historic Christian position to that of modern philosophy as well as theology. But modern philosophy and theology finds its most typical expression in the epistemology of Immanuel Kant and his recent followers

In modern philosophy and theology even more obviously than in ancient philosophy, man is the final reference point in all predication

The Christian faith as a whole, as a unit, must be set over against the non-Christian faith as a whole. Piecemeal apologetics is inadequate, especially for our time. A Christian totality picture requires a Christian view of the methodology of science and philosophy as well as a Christian view of theology. One cannot have a really Christian theology unless one also has a really Christian science and philosophy.

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