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Men Raising Men - Husband of the Vineyard -- 3 of 9 Mp3 GCC03
CSSM - GCC03 - 3 of 9

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Men Raising Men Conference

“Husband of the Vineyard” ― Pastor Randy Booth

Every government—every covenant—has a head. Men serve God as rulers in every covenant relationship, functioning as superiors who are responsible for the constituent members of that particular covenant. It is God’s plan (under normal conditions), that husbands are the covenant-heads of households. As covenant-heads, husbands have a duty to honor and obey God toward all those who are under their charge. This honor and obedience is the demonstration of the husband’s love for God. Having received his instruction from the word of God, the godly husband then assumes full responsibility for his household, instructing and disciplining them in the way of the Lord.



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