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The Church Friendly Family - Randy Booth, Rich Lusk PC603
132 pages, softcover
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The Church-Friendly Family  By Randy Booth and Rich Lusk 
Of the making of books about marriage and the family, there is no end. The family is in trouble today―and has been since the sin of our first parents. But the rescue of the family requires more than just good advice, helpful as that can be. It requires more than just a focus on the family. It requires that the family be brought into the church of Jesus Christ. In The Church-Friendly Family, Randy Booth and Rich Lusk set marriage and family in the context of the church, showing how putting the church first enables the family to bear a rich harvest in culture, education, missions, and more.

It is the fashion of our day to accommodate the church to the desires and designs of the family. But, according to Randy Booth and Rich Lusk in this important new book, it is a far better and more Biblical enterprise to rather fit the family for the church. This very practical application of Scriptural ecclesiology is of vital importance, indeed, it is a beacon light to pierce the fog of fashion. I gratefully commend it. ―George Grant 
I am happy to commend The Church-Friendly Family to you. Written by two experienced pastors, this book is a wonderful reminder that the Church is far more than just a support group for families. While we all are in favor of supporting families in their spiritual challenges, God's purpose for the Church goes far beyond this. Eye has not seen or ear heard what God has prepared for those who love Him, and this book provides a useful corrective for when we have begun to forget this. 
―Douglas Wilson 
Families are founded on death―the separation of a man and woman from their families of origin. Families end in death―the dispersal of children and finally the death of parents. Like seeds in the ground, families must die to bear fruit. There are hundreds of books on the Christian family on the market today, but few that get these basic truths right. The Church-Friendly Family is a rare exception. With biblical insight and pastoral practicality, Pastors Randy Booth and Rich Lusk show how the Father can use our families to fulfill the promises He spoke to our father Abraham. 
―Peter Leithart

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