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Theology in a Flash TSSF
Flash drive with 70 Mp3 files which includes Dr. Bahnsen's set on "Systematic Theology", "Covenant Theology", Basic Training in Theology "In Understanding Be Men", "Sola Scriptura".
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   Theology in a Flash

Covenant Media Foundation has put together a product that offers several convenient features at an outstanding price. We have collected 70 lectures by Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen on Systematic Theology, Covenant Theology, Basic Training in Theology "In Understanding Be Men", and Sola Scriptura, all contained on one Flash Drive. Some of these lectures are not as well-known and are often overlooked. These all contain rich material that many have found to be outstanding helps.

 On this 1GB Flash Drive, you will receive:

    70 Mp3s [24 kbps]
    9 Articles by Dr. Bahnsen [PDF]
All for only $76.95
[A $105 value if purchased separately]

Mp3 Lectures:


This is an organized survey and meaty development of what God’s word teaches us about revelation, God, man, Christ, salvation and ethics.  Originally presented as a doctrinal training course for elders, these lectures are suitable for every believer who wants instruction in the Bible’s own system of truth. (48 lectures)


What is meant by the term “covenant theology”?  How is it different from “dispensationalism”?  Does it really matter?  Dr. Bahnsen explores the distinctives of the covenantal perspective, featuring clear theological concepts and faithful biblical detail.  By misunderstanding or ignoring the covenant much of the modern church has widely strayed on issues like full biblical authority, the identity of God’s people, law and gospel, the sacraments, Satan, Israel and the promised land, the tribulation, the rapture and the coming of God’s kingdom. (16 lectures)


Part of the BASIC TRAINING SERIES, this is the best general introduction to the subject of theology, laying the foundation for understanding the Bible and the Christian faith.


The issue of authority is at the heart of every worldview.  Dr. Bahnsen sets forth the necessity of an inerrant and sufficient Bible for true Christianity and challenges the trustworthiness of all other claims to authority.

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