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Theonomy in Christian Ethics CD-Rom PE030-PDF Disc
CD containing a PDF copy of "Theonomy in Christian Ethics". The hardback book is out of print.

Detailed Description

Theonomy in Christian Ethics started as a quiet masters thesis in fulfillment of a Master of Theology degree from Westminster Theological Seminary in 1973. First published in 1977, this volume unexpectedly shook the theological establishment in its call for a return to Gods law as the only perfect standard of righteousness for civil ethics. Twenty-five years later it continues to challenge the church to unashamedly embrace the "Word of God, contained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as the only rule of faith and life."

This multimedia CD which was originally included inside the Third Edition of Theonomy in Christian Ethics includes PDF copies of 3 more books, 4 articles by Dr. Bahnsen and 20 audio lectures.

The contents are as follows:


PDF versions of books by Greg L. Bahnsen:

                        Theonomy in Christian Ethics


NOTE: CMF thanks the Institute for Christian Economics for their permission to include their electronic versions of the following books on this CD:

                        By This Standard: The Authority of God’s Law Today

                        No Other Standard: Theonomy and Its Critics

                        House Divided: The Break-up of Dispensational Theology


PDF versions of articles by Greg L. Bahnsen:

                        “My Lord and My Life” (personal testimony)

                        “What is ‘Theonomy’?”

                        “The Theonomic Antithesis to Other Law-Attitudes”

                        “The Theonomic Thesis in Confessional and Historical Perspective”


PDF versions of CMF Catalog of other materials by Greg L. Bahnsen:

NOTE: Other CMF resources are available at the CMF Online Catalog:

                   Bahnsen Resource Catalog



MP3 Audio Files by Greg L. Bahnsen:


                        Theonomic Approach to Ethics (I) [1978]

                                   Who’s in Charge Here? (Luke 6:44).

                                   Has God Changed His Mind? (Matthew 5:16-20).

                                   How is the Old Testament Old? (Hebrews 8:13—10:1)

                                   No King but Caesar? (John 19:15).

                                   When is Punishment Criminal? (Hebrew 2:1-4).

                                   The Law: To Criticize or Obey? (James 4:1-12)


                        Theonomic Approach to Ethics (II) [1978]

                                    Do We Need External Rules in Christian Ethics?

                                    God’s Law as a Pattern for Social Righteousness.

                                    The Current Question of Homosexuality.

                                    The Current Question of Capital Punishment.

                                    Social Ethics and the Westminster Confession of Faith.

                                    Abortion and General Questions and Answers.


                        Theonomy and Its Critics [1980]

                                    Answer to Meridith Kline.

                                    Hermeneutical Criticisms.

                                    Law Categorization Arguments.

                                    Exegetical Criticisms.

                                    Church/State Criticisms.

                                    Penal Sanction Criticisms.


                        Has Westminster Seminary Found a Critique for Theonomy Yet?


                                    Part One

                                    Part Two

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