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Why Christian Kids Need a Christian Education - Douglas Wilson PC604
PC604 -- 71 pages, softcover Answers in an Hour Series

Detailed Description

Why Christian Kids Need A Christian Education

by Douglas Wilson



At the beginning of history, God established a foundational enmity between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent. This is an antithesis that cuts across all areas of human life, including education. Christian parents are left with only two options for the training of their children: faithful education or unbelieving education. Though the right choice seems obvious, many Christian parents do not see the antithesis. In this little book, Douglas Wilson presents the case for providing a faithful, Christian education for all Christian kids, and explains why we even have to make that case to begin with.


What is Education?
What Everybody Knows
Humanity 2.0
What a Worldview Actually Is
Every Thought Captive
God's Two Books
A Theology of Children
Nurture and Admonition
Christendom Lite
Sin and the Christian School
The Question of Craft Competence
Get to and Got to
The Lord of Tomorrow Morning

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