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Westminster Theological Journal XXXVI:3 (Spring, 1974)

Journal of Christian Reconstruction II:2 (Winter, 1975-1976)

Presbyterian Guardian 46:2 (February, 1977)

Presbyterian Guardian 46:8 (September, 1977)

Presbyterian Guardian 47:3 (March, 1978)

The Banner of Truth issue 178 (July, 1978)

[written for Special Committee of Presbytery] 1984

The Biblical Worldview 4:10 (October, 1988)

(Atlanta, GA: American Vision Press, 1988) [ethical failure of critics]

The Biblical Worldview 4:12 (December, 1988) [shows O.T. Gentiles were obligated to God's law]

AntithesisI:3 (May/June, 1990)

The Seventh Trumpet V:4 (Sept/Oct, 1990)

Penpoint II:1 (March 1991)

(Irvine, CA: Southern California Center for Christian Studies, Feb, 1991) 25 pages

Penpoint Vol. II:5 (Sept, 1991)

The Counsel of Chalcedon XIII:8 (October, 1991)

The Counsel of Chalcedon XIII:9 (Nov, 1991)

Contra Mundum (No. 2) [About theonomic ethics, civil government, etc]

Penpoint Vol. III:1 (Feb, 1992)

Counsel of Chalcedon XIV:5-6 (July-Aug, 1992) [Response to critiques of J.W. Robbins]

Penpoint Vol. IV:1 (Jan, 1993)

Penpoint Vol. IV:3 (Apr, 1993)

Christian Renewal Vol. XI:7 (June 14, 1993)

Penpoint Vol. IV:7 (Apr, 1993

The Counsel of Chalcedon Vol. XV:8 (Oct, 1993)

Penpoint Vol. IV:8 (Dec, 1993)

Calvinism Today Vol. IV:1 (Jan, 1994)

New Horizons April, 1994

Penpoint Vol. V:4 (May, 1994)

New Horizons, Vol. 15:10 (Nov, 1994)

Penpoint VII:6 (July, 1996)