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HSCH - The History of the Church - Pastor Steve Wilkins

SW173 Why Should We Study Church History?

SW174 The Vanity That Was Greece

SW175 The Roman Empire—part I

SW176 The Roman Empire—part II

SW177 The Roman Empire—part III

SW178 The Roman Empire—part IV

SW179 The Rise of Judaism—part I

SW180 The Rise of Judaism—part II

SW181 The Rise of Judaism—part III

SW182 The Rise of Judaism—part IV

SW183 The Roman Conquest

SW184 The Herodians

SW185 The Reign of Herod the Great

SW186 The Fullness of Time

SW187 The Herodian Family

SW188 Judah Under Roman Rule

SW189 Herod Agrippa

SW190 The Gathering Storm

SW191 Persecution and Rebellion

SW192 The Last Days—part I (Nero)

SW193 The Last Days—part II

SW194 The Last Days—part III

SW195 The Jewish War—part I

SW196 The Jewish War—part II

SW197 The Aftermath of Jewish Wars

SW198 The Reign of Domitian

SW199 Church of the 2nd & 3rd Centuries

SW200 Trajan and Hadrian

SW201 Bar Cochba and Polycarp

SW202 Philosophy and Apology

SW203 The Fires of Persecution

SW204 Truth and Error

SW205 From Caracalla to Alexander Severus

SW206 Persecution Revives

SW207 The Life of Origen

SW208 The Reigns of Gallus and Valerian

SW209 Cyprian of Carthage

SW210 Reigns of Gallienus, Claudius and Aurelian

SW211 The Decade of the Five Emperors

SW212 The Reign of Diocletian

SW213 The Blood of the Martyrs

SW214 Early Heresies - part 1

SW215 Early Heresies - part 2

SW216 Worship/First Three Centuries - part 1

SW217 Worship/First Three Centuries - part 2

SW218 Salt and Light - part 1

SW219 Salt and Light - part 2

SW220 Asceticism

SW221 Constantine the Great

SW222 The Successors of Constantine

SW223 From Jovian to the Fall of Rome

SW224 The Life of Athanasius - part 1

SW225 The Life of Athanasius - part 2

SW226 The Life of Augustine of Hippo - part 1

SW227 The Life of Augustine of Hippo - part 2

SW228 John Chrysostom, The Golden Mouthed

SW229 The Life of John Chrysostom

SW230 The Life of Ambrose

SW231 The Life of St. Jerome

SW232 Leo the Great

SW233 The Life of Basil the Great

SW234 The Life of Gregory Nazianzen

SW235 The Rise of Monasticism

SW236 Christianity and Social Reform

SW237 Worship: 311-590 A.D.

SW238 The Degradation of Worship

SW239 Public Worship 311-590

SW240 The Council of Nicea

SW241 The Christological Controversies - part 1

SW242 The Christological Controversies - part 2

SW243 The Pelagian Controversy

SW244 The Middle Ages

SW245 The Conversion of the Celts - part 1

SW246 The Conversion of the Celts - part 2

SW247 Celtic Missionaries: St. Brigid & Columba

SW248 Celtic Missionaries: Columbanus

SW249 The Legacy of the Celtic Church

SW1501 Boniface: The Apostle of Germany

SW1502 Gregory the Great and the Rise of the Papacy

SW1503 The Carolingians

SW1504 The Life of Mohammed

SW1505 The Theology of Islam

SW1506 The Islamic Tide

SW1507 The Conversion of Scandinavia - Denmark

SW1508 The Conversion of Sweden and Norway

SW1509 The Life of St. Nicholas

SW1510 The Conversion of the Slavs

SW1511 The Conversion of Russia

SW1512 The Conversion of the Anglo Saxons

SW1513 Aidan and Lindisfarne

SW1514 The Venerable Bede

SW1515 Alfred the Great

SW1516 Degradation in Church and State

SW1517 Sylvester II & the end of the Millennium

SW1518 The Nadir of the Papacy

SW1519 Hildebrand: Gregory VII - part 1

SW1520 Hildebrand: Gregory VII - part 2

SW1521 William the Conquerer

SW1522 William Rufus

SW1523 The Life of Anselm

SW1524 Anselm and His Theology

SW1525 The Important of the Church Calendar

SW1528 St. Sebastian

SW1529 Arnold of Brescia

SW1530 Frederick Barbarousse

SW1531 America's Forgotten Hero: Israel Putnam

SW1532 America's Forgotten Hero: Lighthorse Harry

SW1533 The First Thanksgiving

SW1534 The Twelve Days of Christmas

SW1535 Thomas Beckett

SW1536 Innocent III - part 1

SW1537 Innocent III - part 2

SW1538 Hugh & Richard of St. Vicar

SW1539 The Greatest Explorer of Them All

SW1540 The Great Awakening - part 1

SW1541 The Great Awakening - part 2

SW1542 George Whitefield - part 1

SW1543 George Whitefield - part 2

SW1544 George Whitefield - part 3

SW1545 St Succat

SW1546 Nevin - part 1

SW1547 Nevin - part 2

SW1548 Nevin - part 3

SW1549 Taxation

SW1550 Bucer

SW1551 Francisco Vitoria

SW1552 Traditions of Christmas

SW1553 Lent

SW1554 Albertus Magnus

SW1555 Thomas Aquinas