Biblical Studies

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BSR1 - The Book of Revelation

GB108a Should You Study Revelation?: Rev 1:1‑3

GB108b Christ the Faithful Witness: Rev 1:4‑6

GB109 A Nation of Kings and Priests: Rev 1:6‑7

GB110 Outpouring of the Spirit: Rev 1:7

GB111 The Tribulation: Rev 1:9

GB112 John’s Visions: Rev 1:10‑20

GB113 The Description of the Church: Rev 1:16‑20

GB114 Letter to the Church at Ephesus: Rev 2:1‑7

GB115 Letter to the Church at Smyrna: Rev 2:8‑9

GB116 Letter to the Church at Smyrna (cont): Rev 2:9‑11

GB117 Letter to the Church at Pergamum: Rev 2:12‑17

GB118 Letter to the Church in Thyatira: Rev 2:18‑20

GB119 Letter to the Church in Thyatira (cont): Rev 2:18‑20

GB120 Letter to the Church at Sardis: Rev 3:1‑6

GB121 Letter to the Church at Philadelphia: Rev 3:7‑13

GB122 Letter to the Church at Laodicea: Rev 3:14‑22

GB123 Overcoming ‑ Summary: Rev 1‑3

GB124 Outline of Revelation: Rev 4:1

GB125 Sovereignty of God in Creation: Rev 4

GB126 Sovereignty of God in Redemption: Rev 5

GB127 Sovereignty of God in Redemption (cont): Rev 5

GB128 Discussion: Breaking of the Seven Seals—Review: Rev 1-5

GB129 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse‑First Four Seals: Rev 6:1‑8

GB130 Fifth and Sixth Seals: Rev 6:9‑17

GB131 The Sealing of the Saints: Rev 7:1‑4

GB132 The Identification of the 144,000: Rev 7:4‑9

GB133 What is the Great Tribulation?: Rev 7:9‑13

GB134 Summary of the Seven Seals: Rev 7:14‑17

GB135 Critique of Cyclical Approach & Overview: Rev 8‑22

GB136 Review and Preview‑Revelation: Rev 1‑22

GB137 Overview: The First Enemy‑Jerusalem: Rev 8‑12

GB138 Overview: The Second Enemy‑Rome: Rev 13‑18

GB139 The Seventh Seal Opened: Rev 8:1‑13

GB140 The Abyss Opened: Rev 9:1‑20

GB141 Roman Locusts: Rev 8:13‑9:21

GB142 Christ the Avenger: Rev 9:1‑21

GB143 Mystery of God Finished: Rev 10:1‑7

GB144 Contents of the Little Book: Rev 10:8‑11:2

GB145 Two Witnesses: Rev 11:1‑13

GB146 Kingdom Became Christ’s: Rev 11:14‑19

GB147 Universal Triumph of God’s People on Earth: Rev 11:14‑19

GB148 Universal Triumph of God’s People on Earth: Rev 11:14‑19

GB149 Universal Triumph of God’s People on Earth (cont): Rev 11:14‑19

GB150 Topical Summary: Rev 1:11

GB151 The Red Dragon, Woman, and Child: Rev 12

GB152 The Red Dragon, Woman, and Child (cont): Rev 12

GB153 The Beast: Rev 13

GB154 The Beast and Human Culture: Rev 13

GB155 The Beast (cont): Rev 13:11‑17

GB156 The Struggle and the Resistors: Rev 13

GB157 Identification of the First Beast: Rev 13

GB158 Identification of the First Beast (cont): Rev 13

GB160 Visions and Angels: Rev 14:6‑11

GB161 Angels and the Savior: Rev 14‑15

GB162 The Seven Bowls of Wrath: Rev 16

GB163 The Judgment of Rome: Rev 17:1‑18

GB164 The Fall of Rome: Rev 18

GB165 Two Suppers and Armageddon: Rev 19

GB166 The Essence of the Three Millennial Views: Rev 20

GB167 The Essence of the Three Millennial Views (cont): Rev 20

GB168 The Essence of the Three Millennial Views (cont): Rev 20

GB169 The Essence of the Three Millennial Views (cont): Rev 20

GB170 Conclusion of the Book of Revelation: Rev 20‑22

BSL - The Gospel of Luke

GB001 The Accuracy of God’s Word Luke 1:1—24:53

GB002 Elijah to Return & Prepare God’s People: Luke 1:5‑17

GB003 Believing Angels: Luke 1:18‑25

GB004 All Things Are Possible with God: Luke 1:26‑38

GB005 Is the Bible Right About Jesus?: Luke 1:26‑38

GB006 The Blessing of Mary: Luke 1:39‑56

GB007 The King is Coming: Luke 1:57‑80

GB008 Earth’s Coldest Reception (Christmas): Luke 2:1‑7

GB009 Peace on Earth (Christmas): Luke 2:8‑20

GB010 The Insights of Simeon and Anna: Luke 2:21‑39

GB011 The Consolation of Israel: Luke 2:21‑39

GB012 Young Jesus and the Doctors of Theology: Luke 2:40‑52

GB013 True Repentance: Luke 3:1‑14

GB014 Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Luke 3:15‑22

GB015 Preparing for Christmas (Christmas): Luke 3:23‑38

GB016 Satanic Temptation of Adam’s Son: Luke 4:1‑13

GB017 Jesus Rejected as a Preacher in His Hometown: Luke 4:14‑30

GB018 The Powerful Word of the Lord: Luke 4:31‑44

GB019a Fishers of Men: Luke 5:1‑11

GB019b Who Can Forgive Sins?: Luke 5:12‑26

GB020 The Great Physician: Luke 5:27‑32

GB021 New Wine: Luke 5:33‑39

GB022 The Lord of the Sabbath: Luke 6:1‑11

GB023 Happiness and Woe: Luke 6:12‑26

GB024 Love Your Enemies: Luke 6:27‑36

GB025a Wise and Fruitful Hearing: Luke 6:37‑49

GB025b Faith in God’s Powerful Word: Luke 7:1‑17

GB026 Doubts About the Kingdom’s Coming: Luke 7:18‑35

GB027 Pharisees and Forgiveness: Luke 7:36‑50

GB028 Christian Women: Luke 8:1‑3

GB029 Four Ways to Receive God’s Word: Luke 8:4‑18

GB030 Where is Your Faith?: Luke 8:19‑25

GB031 The Man Who Could Do What Jesus Could Not: Luke 8:26‑39

GB032 Healing Faith: Luke 8:40‑56

GB033 The Coming of the Kingdom: Luke 9:1‑17

GB034 What is Your Evaluation of Jesus? Luke: 9:18‑27

GB035 The Glory of Christ: Luke 9:28‑36

GB036 Who is Fit for Christ’s Kingdom?: Luke 9:37‑62

GB037 The Sin Worse Than Sodomy: Luke 10:1‑16

GB038 Why You Should Rejoice: Luke 10:17‑24

GB039 An Ethic of Mercy: Luke 10:25‑37

GB040 How to Love God: Luke 10:38—11:4

GB041 God Knows How to Give Good Gifts: Luke 11:1‑13

GB042 The Religion of Jesus’ Generation: Luke 11:14‑54

GB043 False Fears and True Security: Luke 12:1‑34

GB044 Preparation for Judgment: Luke 12:35‑54

GB045 Wise Up!: Luke 12:54‑59

GB046 The Urgency of Repentance: Luke 13 1‑17

GB047 The Kingdom of God: Luke 13:18‑21

GB048 Are They Few That Be Saved?: Luke 13:22‑35

GB049 God Exalts the Humble: Luke 14:1‑24

GB050 Discount Discipleship: Luke 14:25‑35

GB051 Joy in Heaven: Luke 15:1‑10

GB052 The Prodigal Son: Luke 15:11‑32

GB053 The Unjust Steward: Luke 16:1‑13

GB054 The Lasting, Lovable Law: Luke 16:14‑18

GB055 The Rich Man Who Passed the Buck: Luke 16:19‑31

GB056 Forgiveness and Faith: Luke 17:1‑6

GB057 Seeking Thanks or Giving It?: Luke 17:7‑10

GB058 Thy Kingdom Come: Luke 17:20‑21

GB059 Where Vultures Gather: Luke 17:22‑37

GB060 Persevering Prayer: Luke 18:1‑8

GB061 Merit or Mercy: Luke 18:9‑14

GB062 Jesus Loves the Little Children: Luke 18:15‑17

GB063 Riches and God’s Kingdom: Luke 18:18‑30

GB064 Understanding the Death of Christ: Luke 18:31‑34

GB065 Outcasts at the Outskirts: Luke 18:35‑19:10

GB066 Returns on God’s Investment: Luke 19:11‑27

GB067 The Triumphal Entry: Luke 19:28‑40

GB068 Judgment Against Jerusalem’s Temple: Luke 19:41‑48

GB069 The Rejection: Luke 20:1‑19

GB070 Taxes, Caesar and God: Luke 20:20‑26

GB071 Is There a Life Hereafter?: Luke 20:27‑40

GB072 Showmanship vs. Sacrifice: Luke 20:41‑21:4

GB073 Gentiles to Crush Jerusalem: Luke 21:5‑36

GB074 Jesus’ Betrayal: Luke 21:37‑22:6

GB075 The Last Passover: The Lord’s Supper: Luke: 22:7‑20

GB076 Disappointing Disciples: Luke 22:21‑62

GB077 Agonizing Prayer (Q & A side 2): Luke 22:39‑46

GB078 Service, Swords, and Supremacy: Luke 22:24‑53

GB079 Jesus’ Trial Before the Jewish Leaders: Luke 22:63‑71

GB080 Jesus’ Trial Before the Roman Governor: Luke 23:1‑25

GB081 Barabbas: A Man Who Understood Jesus’ Death: Luke 23:13‑25

GB082 The Majestic Testimony and Silence of Jesus Under Trial: Luke 22:63—23:25

GB083 Simon: The Cyrenian Disciple: Luke 23:26

GB084 Jesus’ Prophecy to Weeping Widows: Luke 23:27‑31

GB085 Why Christ Couldn’t Save Himself: Luke 23:32‑39

GB086 Two Criminals: Two Conclusions: Luke 23:39‑43

GB087 The World’s Darkest Day: Luke 23:44‑45

GB088 The Way to God Opened: Luke 23:45

GB089 The Death of Jesus: Luke 23:46‑49

GB090 The Burial of Jesus: Luke 23:50‑56

GB091 The Son of Man is Alive! (Easter): Luke 24:1‑12

GB092 The Encounter on the Road to Emmaus: Luke 24:13‑35

GB093 Suffering Then Glory: The Theme of Scripture: Luke 24:25‑27

GB094 It is True! He is Risen!: Luke 24:33‑35

GB095 The Nature of the Resurrection Body: Luke 24:36‑43

GB096 Christ Commissions His Church: Luke 24:44‑49

GB097 The Ascension: Luke 24:51

GB098 The Conclusion of the Gospel of Luke: Luke 24:52‑53

BSPE - 1 Peter

GB527 Peter: Apostle and Author: 1 Peter 1:1

GB528 Triune Blessings: 1 Peter 1:2

GB529 New Life: 1 Peter 1:3

GB530 The Ultimate Promised Land: 1 Peter 1:4

GB531 Eternal Security: 1 Peter 1:5

GB532 Are All These Troubles Worth It?: 1 Peter 1:6‑9

GB533 Puzzled Prophets: 1 Peter 1:10‑12

GB534 Reoriented Lives: 1 Peter 1:13‑17

GB535 Precious Blood: 1 Peter 1:18‑21

GB536 Brotherly Love: 1 Peter 1:22

GB537 The Living, Life‑giving Word: 1 Peter 1:23‑25

GB538 Screaming for More Scripture: 1 Peter 2:1‑3

GB539 Rejected Yet Precious: 1 Peter 2:4‑8

GB540 The New Israel: 1 Peter 2:9

GB541 Wrath and Grace: 1 Peter 2:10

GB542 How to Silence the Pagans: 1 Peter 2:11‑12

GB543 Honor the State: 1 Peter 2:13‑17

GB544 Commendable Suffering: 1 Peter 2:18‑20

GB545 Exemplary Non‑Retaliation: 1 Peter 2:21‑23

GB546 The Shepherd Died for the Sheep: 1 Peter 2:24‑25

GB547 The Well‑Dressed Wife: 1 Peter 3:1‑7

GB548 Husbands with Hindered Prayers: 1 Peter 3:7

GB549 How to Deal with Mistreatment: 1 Peter 3:8‑9

GB558 The Christian Mind: 1 Peter 3:13‑17

GB559 A Reasoned Defense: 1 Peter 3:15

GB560 The Intellectual Challenge of the Gospel: 1 Peter 3:15

GB561 Humble Boldness: 1 Peter 3:15

GB562 The Just Died for the Unjust: 1 Peter 3:18

GB563 Is Purgatory Biblical?: 1 Peter 3:19‑20

GB564 Saved by Baptism?: 1 Peter 3:18‑22

GB565 Victory and Vindication: 1 Peter 3:22

GB566 Living by Fleshly Lusts: 1 Peter 4:1‑6

GB567 Watch and Pray: 1 Peter 4:7

GB568 Love in the Midst of Adversity: 1 Peter 4:8‑11

GB569 Stewards of God’s Gifts: 1 Peter 4:10‑11

GB570 Partakers of Christ’s Sufferings: 1 Peter 4:12‑16

GB571 A Choice of Judgments: 1 Peter 4:17‑19

GB572 How Christ Organizes the Church: 1 Peter 5:1‑4

GB573 Humble Trust: 1 Peter 5:5‑7

GB574 Steadfast Against Satan: 1 Peter 5:8‑10

GB575 Stand Out—Stand Fast—Stand Together: 1 Peter 5:12‑13

GB576 Christian Kissing: 1 Peter 5:14

BSPR - The Book of Proverbs

GB476 Proverbs: Guidance for Wisdom

GB477 Parental Wisdom: Prov 1:7‑9

GB478 Foolish Consent: Prov 1:10‑19

GB479 Wisdom Laughs Last: Prov 1:20‑33

GB480 Wisdom Guards Us: Prov 2

GB481 Tenderness, Truthfulness, and Trust: Prov 3:1‑8

GB482 Wisdom Welcomes God’s Chastening: Prov 3:11‑12

GB483 Wisdom as a Tree of Life: Prov 3:13‑26

GB484 Vats Full of Wine (Tithe): Prov 3:9‑10

GB485 Wisdom’s Good‑Neighbor Policy: Prov 3:27‑30

GB486 The Right Kind of Heroes: Prov 3:31‑35

GB487 Grace for the Humble: Prov 3:34

GB488 The Straight and Narrow Road of Life: Prov 4

GB489 Out of the Heart: Prov 4:23

GB490 Control Your Mouth: Prov 4:24

GB491 Fools and Loose Women: Prov 5; 6:24—7:27

GB492 The Urgency of Extrication: Prov 6:1‑5

GB493 Ants and Lazy Fools (Idleness): Prov 6:6‑11

GB494 Seven Things God Hates: Prov 6:12‑19

GB495 Wisdom’s Invitations: Prov 8:1‑5; 9:1‑6

GB496 The Broad Relevance of Wisdom: Prov 8:6‑21

GB497 Wisdom’s Eternality and Role in Creation: Prov 8:22‑31

GB498 The Love of Death: Prov 8:32‑36

GB499 The Wisdom of Teachability: Prov 9:7‑12

GB595 Righteousness Delivers From Death: Prov 10:1‑2

GB596 Security & Satisfaction Through Righteousness: Prov 10:3

GB598 It’s All Over Your Mouth: Prov 10: 6, 11, 13, 32

GB599 A Rotting Reputation: Prov 10:7‑9

GB601 Submitting to Rules: Prov 10:8

GB603 Gainful Employment (Labor Day): Prov 10:4, 5, 26

GB604 Love Covers Transgression: Prov 10‑12

GB605 A Righteous View of Riches—part I: Prov 10:15

GB609 A Righteous View of Riches—part II: Prov 10:15

GB610 Ignoring Rebuke is a Deadly Mistake: Prov 10:17

GB612 The Hypocrite’s Cover Up: Prov 10

GB620 Do You Foolishly Talk Too Much?: Prov 10:19

GB623 The Abomination of Unjust Standards: Prov 11:1

GB626 Pride Goes Before a Fall: Prov 11:2

GB649 The Self‑Destructiveness of Sin: Prov 11:3‑6,17,26

GB650 What is Needed for a Happy Society: Prov 11:10‑11

GB651 The Value of Advice: Prov 11:14

GB652 Women Without Discretion: Prov 11:22

GB654 Justice Shall Prevail: Prov 11:20‑21, 31

GB656 The Paradox of Liberality: Prov 11:16; 24‑26

GB657 You Are What You Think: Prov 12:5‑6

GB658 The Mercy of the Wicked is Cruel: Prov 12:10

GB662 Goodwill Toward Others: Prov 12:25‑26

GB663 Sweet Desire: Prov 13:12

GB670 Life, Favor, and Riches: Prov 13:14‑16

GB672 Wise Companions: Prov 13:20

GB674 Faithful Representatives: Prov 13:17

GB675 Spared Rod, Sparse Love—part I: Prov 13:24

GB676 Spared Rod, Sparse Love—part II: Prov 13:24

GB680 Misdirected Disdain: Prov 14:2

GB681 Life is Like a Tea Bag: Prov 16:1,3‑4,9; 19:21; 20:24; 21:1,31

GB682 Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge: Prov 14:6‑8

GB683 Don’t Be Too Neat: Prov 14:4

GB684 In the Mood: Prov 14:10,13 & 14

GB685 Slow to Anger: Prov 14: 17,29

GB686 Gullibility: Prov 14:15

GB687 Spiritual Self‑Delusion: Prov 14:12, 16:2 & 25, 21:2, 28:26, 30:12

GB692 Taking Sin Seriously: Prov 14:16

GB693 The Victory of the Righteous: Prov 14:19

GB694 The Theology of Proverbs: Prov‑selected verses

GB695 Envy’s Ferocity: Prov 14:30; 27:4

GB702 Political Wisdom: Prov 16 selected verses

GB713 Political Wisdom—part II: Prov 14:28, 35 & selected verses

GB717 Vain Religiosity: Prov 15:8,29; 21:3, 27; 28:9

GB718 Widows and Property Rights: Prov 15:25; 22:28; 23:10‑11

GB720 Imitating the Father’s Tender Mercies: Prov 4:21 & Selected verses

GB724 True Religion: A Bridled Tongue: Prov 15:23; 16:21, 23‑24, 28, 30

GB725 Some Tips on Promoting Strife: Prov 16: 28, 30 & selected verses

GB728 The Making Of A Glad Father: Prov 15:20

GB729 The Danger of Fools: Prov 17:12; 26:1‑11

GB731 Ability Over Privilege: Wisdom Over Strength: Prov 17:1 & selected verses

GB737 The Fools Tools: Prov 17:4‑9

GB748 The Happy Harmonious Family: Prov 17:6 & selected

GB749 Bribery: Prov 15:27; 17:8

GB753 And Justice For All: Prov 17:13, 15, 26; 18:5; 24:23; 28:21; 31:5

GB754 That’s What Friends Are For: Prov 17:7; 18:24; 19:6‑7, 22; 20:6; 27:10

GB757 Reckless Promises: Prov 11:15; 20:25; 27:13

GB758 A Fine Wife: Prov 12:4, & selected verses

GB759 Deep Water: Prov 18:4, 20:5, 27:19

GB763 Wine and Wisdom: Prov 20:1, 23:20‑21, 29‑35

GB785 Marvels, Unbearables, and Unsuitables: Prov 11:22; 17:7; 19:10; 26:1; 30:18‑23

GB786 Guilty Innocents: Prov 10:23; 20:6,9

GB789 Attitudes Toward Age: Prov 20:29

GB791 Turned Over to Sin: Prov 22:14; 23:27‑28

GB793 The Unity of Life: Prov 21:20

GB795 Facades: Prov 21:29

GB811 Certainty and Skepticism: Prov 22:17‑21

GB812 The Right Way to Reconciliation: Prov 25:8‑10

GB815 Consider Your Host Before Eating: Prov 23:1‑3, 6‑8

GB818 Self‑Control: Prov 16:32; 25:16, 27‑28

GB829 Moral Tenacity: Prov 25:26

GB832 Empty Boasts, Baseless Curses, and Weasel Words: Prov 25:14; 26:2, 18‑19

GB835 How to Answer Fools: Prov 23:9; 26:4‑5; 29:9;I

GB836 A Chip on the Shoulder: Prov 26:20‑22

GB837 Presumption About Tomorrow: Prov 27:1

GB859 The Fearful and The Fearless: Prov 28:1 & 29:25

GB860 Coming Clean, Getting Clean: Prov 28:13‑14 & 30:18‑20

GB861 Rebuke Better Than Flattery: Prov 28:23; 29:5

GB866 Humility Before God: Prov 30:1‑4

GB867 Lead Me Not Into Temptation: Prov 30:7‑9

GB875 Oppression of the Underprivileged: Prov 30:10, 14

GB876 It’s a Wonder Full World: Prov 30:29‑31

GB877 The Worthy Wife: Prov 31:10‑31

GB878 The Wisdom From Above: Prov 2:1‑6

GB886 Haste: Prov 14:17, 29 selected verses

GB887 Vanity: Prov 11:22

GB890 Trust: Prov 3:5‑6

GB891 Proverbs to Ponder: selected verses