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ASST - The Great Debate: Does God Exist?

This is the famous formal debate between Dr. Bahnsen and atheist promoter Dr. Gordon Stein held at the University of California (Irvine) in 1985. Hear how hard it is to deny God's existence and how intellectually rigorous  the Christian position really is.

AST2 - Does God Exist? A Debate

This formal debate between Dr. Bahnsen and atheist lawyer (former ACLU) Edward Tabash at the University of California (Davis), is a great follow-up  to the Bahnsen/Stein debate. Witness again how and atheist fails to wrestle with fundamental philosophical issues.

ASM4 – The Debate That Never Was

Dr. Bahnsen and atheist scholar Dr. Michael Martin were scheduled to debate the truth of Christian theism at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. Two weeks before the scheduled debate, citing his opposition to having the debate recorded for public distribution, Dr. Martin declined to debate. Dr. Bahnsen traveled to Memphis anyway and presented a lecture on atheism, exposing the weakness of Dr. Martin's published attack on Christian theism.

ASD4. - The Apologetic Implications of Self-Deception

ASP5 - What Your Professor Won't Tell You

ASM3 - Michael Martin Under the Microscope

Dr. Bahnsen takes apologetics beyond the "theory" of defending the faith and places one of the leading, philosophically competent antagonists to Christian theism "under the microscope" for detailed analysis and refutation. Dr. Michael Martin (philosophy professor at Boston University) has published two very hard-hitting books against the faith: "Atheism: A Philosophical Justification", and "The Case Against Christianity". In this 1994 SCCCS Summer Seminar Dr. Bahnsen walks students through a presuppositional analysis of Martin's methods, prejudices and ineffective attacks.

ASR - A Roman Catholic - Protestant Debate

ASA3. - Arguments for the Existence of God

ASW2 - Worldview Apologetics

ASB. - Theistic Proof, Rationality & Fideism

ASSC - Seminary Apologetics

GB1851      The Historical & Biblical Usage of The Term Apologetics

GB1852      Biblical Warrant & Need for Apologetics

GB1853      Apologetics’ Relationship to Other Fields—part I

GB1854      Apologetics’ Relationship to Other Fields—part II

GB1855      Apologetic Argumentation

GB1856      Apologetics From the Second Century to the Present

GB1857      Revelational Epistemology

GB1858      Impossibility, Immorality and Robbery of Neutrality

GB1859      Foolishness of Unbelief

GB1860      Presuppositional Argumentation

GB1861      Acts 17:  Paul’s Great Example

GB1862      Antithesis & Self-Attestation of Scripture

GB1863      Worldview Issues—part I

GB1864      Worldview Issues—part II

GB1865      Epistemological Issues:  Knowledge—part I

GB1866      Epistemological Issues:  Knowledge—part II

GB1867      Epistemological Issues:  Foundationalists & Certainty

GB1868      Empiricism & Revisionary Immunity

GB1869      The Greatness of Divine Wisdom

GB1870      Kuyper & Warfield

GB1871      Natural Theology & Theistic Proofs

GB1872      Evidences & Evidentialism

GB1873      A Checklist for Reasoning With Unbelievers—part I

GB1874      A Checklist for Reasoning With Unbelievers—part II

GB1875      Classification of Worldviews

GB1876      Two Theoretical Problems With Presuppositionalism

GB1877      Answering Frame’s Critique of Presuppositionalism

GB1878      Answering the Problem of Religious Language

GB1879      Answering Evolution

GB1880      Answering Islam